14. What I don’t get about RV-ers in Canada.

One thing that really impress me and that I like about Canada is that people go out of cities for a weekend. And even more I like the widespread of RVs. You can see any kinds of them on the road, starting from small tent trailers and up to half-million dollar motor-homes. I totally love this travel style.

RV with V10 petrol engine pulling a Dodge Caravan with a tow bar.

But what makes me rise my eyebrows is travel style of some RV travelers.

Very often I see a huge RV on a road, and it is marked something like V8 6.5, or V10. WHY???? Please people tell me why do you love these huge petrol engines that consume all the fuel they can possibly get? Why do they put a huge V8 or V10 engine to move 5-10 ton RV when they can put something like 4-liter v6 turbo diesel? It will have more torque (forget about horsepower, it is for salesman only, what you really care about is torque!), consuming half the amount of fuel. WHY???

And second, a lot of them have a passenger car in tow. First, I don’t get the economics. Why pull another 2 tons and consume several more liters each 100 km (hello big petrol engines!) just to have two cars? If you need a small car to get around, why not to get a taxi or rent? It will be cheaper in the end then consume extra fuel, risk damaging a car by stones that your RV can throw back on a road and spend money on repairs? And secondly, 99% or cars in Canada and USA have automatic transmissions. You cannot ever tow a car with automatic transmission without making any damage to it!

Can somebody explain me the logic?


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