26. Best place to see Montreal at night

What is my favorite spot in Montreal? There are several. One of them, is a place beloved my all montrealers, the Mont Royal.

It is a large hill located just next to downtown that has amazing park. But what I live the most about it, is a Kondiaronk Belvedere and the Chalet du Mont Royal. It offers spectacular view of the city center, the St. Lawrence river and the south shore. I really love visiting it. But most of all, I love going there at night. First, it is less crowded, but secondly, the most important, the view gets even better then during daytime! The whole city glows like Christmas Tree, the carpet of lights goes beyond the horizon. The air gets really fresh and clean. And you can hear the city. Hear what it sounds like – regular city background noise, sirens, car horns. You can feel the city as a creature alive.

For me, this place is #1 must-see places in Montreal at night.


Getting there is really easy by car, parking is $3/hour. Even when it is dark, it feels safe, it is well-illuminated, a lot of people visit it and do sports even in dark hours.

P.S. I need a better camera for more pictures and better quality.


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