30. Canadian Pacific Holiday Train

My friends know that I’m in love with trains. And here in Canada trains are awesome. Especially in Holiday season.

There are two biggest freight railways in Canada – CN, Canadian National Railway and CP – Canadian Pacific Railway. Both of them host many public events throughout the year.

One of the most fascinating railroad events is the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train. Starting from 1999 the CP runs the Holiday Train along its main line in Canada and USA in November and December. The train visits many communities along its route celebrating holiday season and collectingΒ  donations for food banks and hunger issues.

Screenshot from 2015-12-06 11:04:48
CP Holiday Train route. Image from CP official website

I wanted to see this train myself since I first discovered it a few years ago. And last week it has visited a town of Delson, QC, that is just 25-minute drive from my place. I could not have missed it!

The crowd was huge! Over a thousand people gathered on Friday evening despite heavy rain and hockey game. Families with kids, adults, elders. That is something that fascinates me about Canadians. It seems that there is no bad weather or other reasons for many of them to skip some nice event and stay home instead.

The train consists of several dozens freight cars, decorated with Christmas lights. Additionally there is a special car converted into mobile stage where a band performs on every event. In the end of the train there are several vintage passenger cars to accommodate the train crew and entertainers.

Train locomotive is looks like a Christmas tree and flies Canadian and US flags
Entertainers performing from a special boxcar

In my opinion it is totally must-visit event, especially if you have kids – they will love it.

I’m going there again next year, that’s for sure.


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