32. Is it really Canada?

My biggest surprise in Canada so far is that it is mid-December now, and I have not seen a major snowfall yet. And according to weather forecasts we should not expect any snow on Christmas and New Year’s Eve! How is that possible? Maybe it all is a major scam and I am not really in Canada?

This unusually warm December is caused by El Nino. What is it? It is a weather phenomenon, known for a long time, but its causes are still unknown to science. The idea is that masses of warm air over the Pacific Ocean are usually blown from east to west by regular atmospheric winds in direction of Indonesia. But sometimes, due to unknown factors, these winds are not strong enough or even change direction and blow from west to east, towards USA and Canada, which results in much warmer weather then usual in December and January. And please don’t blame global warming – it has been known for decades.

This article on NASA website explains it in more details: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/Features/ElNino/

So no winter wonderland photos for now.


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