34. My USA Christmas. Part I – Highway sunrise and Princeton.

What is your favorite place to see sunrise? In a warm bed? On top of a mountain? I  love to see a sunrise behind the wheel, on a road.

This is exactly how I have seen Christmas sunrise. I left Montreal on early morning of 25 December and headed due south on Autoroute 15 that quickly became Interstate 87. Roads were completely deserted at 5 am and I have seen the first car only after driving for about 10 km.

Amazing sunrise in upstate New York

This was the first time I crossed Canada – USA border on a car. It turned out to be super easy and took me less then a minute.

I have seen first rays of sun in upstate New York. The road goes through Adirondack Mountains offering spectacular views. The sun was rising behind a mountain range highlighting its distinct silhouette against the sky.

Rest area on I-87

The road infrastructure in the US is great. Clear signs,  good pavement, comfortable rest areas. It is a pleasure to travel on roads like that. But on the downside,  despite speed limit of 65 mp/h, everyone was speeding, I was doing around 70 mp/h and I was the slowest car on a road! And closer to New York City – the crazier were drivers. Apart form speeding, a lot of them drove aggressively, changed lanes often. Sometimes I felt like I was driving in NASCAR.

I arrived to my friends who live close to town of Princeton shortly after lunchtime. So we went to discover Princeton and its most famous area – the Princeton University.


Princeton street at night

Established in 1746, Princeton University is ranked as one of the best universities in the world. The University campus is really interesting place to visit. Amazing Gothic architecture, beautiful green areas. History and science is in the air. Many scientists, Nobel prize laureates, politicians and businessman studied or were teachers here. Albert Einstein was working here between 1933 and 1955.

Princeton is one of eight Universities of the Ivy league.


Monument to Albert Einstein

In general Princeton leaves very good impression. Clean town with rich history, lovely houses and nice parks. Not what you typically imagine when think about one-storied America. More of a mix of medieval Europe and rich suburb.

I had only a brief visit to Princeton this time. The next day the Big Apple, New York City was waiting for me.

To be continued…


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