36. My USA Christmas. Part III – The Atlantic Ocean and Philadelphia.

The next day was totally opposite. In New York is was a rush to see as much as we could in a single day. The next day, we took it slow. Instead of crazy pace in NY, it was a slow cruising down a highway. In a Cadillac!

While I was staying in New Jersey, I really wanted to see the Atlantic Ocean. I have seen it exactly two years ago, but from the opposite side. In December 2013 I have seen it in Portugal, now I really wanted to see it from this side.

Cruising down a road in a Cadillac
Older Cadillac logo has many details. I like it more then new one
These wheels shine!

We decided to make a small road trip. And we did it in style! What could be more American then cruising down a highway in a Cadillac? We drove to the Long Beach Island, that was about 1.5 hours away. And what a nice place it is! It’s an island that is mostly filled with upper-class summer residencies. Beautiful houses in beach style, lovely streets, surf shops. And amazing lighthouse!




It is Barnegat historic Lighthouse that was originally built in 1857 and now open to public year round. It offers amazing view from the observation deck.

IMG_07382015-12-27 15.21.54

Atlantic Ocean

The next destination for the day was the Navesink Twin Lights. It was an important navigation aid to ships entering New York harbor since it was built in 1862. It is no longer operational and now hosts a museum. The notable feature, as the name implies, is that it has two non-identical towers and had two lights.

Next day we had a brief visit to Philadelphia, the fifth most populous city in the United States. Philadelphia played an important role in the American Revolution, it was  as a meeting place for the Founding Fathers of the United States, who signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776 and the Constitution in 1787. Philadelphia was one of the nation’s capitals in the Revolutionary War, and served as temporary U.S. capital.

The Independence Hall is on a back side of a 100-dollar bill
Liberty Bell

During this visit I have seen the most famous attractions – the Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, iconic symbols of American independence. It is a very attractive city with interesting history and it needs to be properly visited in warmer season. One thing I can tell for sure, it feels very different from New York. It feels much older city, and more industrial. There are really many things to see!

Philadelphia skyline
1952-built SS United States in Philadelphia port waits for renovation. This is the fastest ship to cross Atlantic Ocean as regular passenger ship. In 1952 it took  3 days and 12 hours after departure from New York to reach Cornwall, UK  with average speed of 35 knots (about 64 km/h)

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