38. A Week In Woods

I have always wanted to go to the most remote and wild places, experience real nature. I can totally understand what drives people like Chris McCandless whose story has been portrayed in the movie Into the Wild. And I really love winter. So when my boss asked me if I would like to spend a week in woods with my team and work together on some stuff, my answer has been “YES!”.

I did not go really far into wilderness. Just not yet. We spend a week in a chalet 1.5 hours away from Montreal. This is just as far as I can go into the wild for now. It was a first test. But if you don’t think about relative proximity of a city and civilization, it is really easy to imagine being far away. Besides, Canada is such a beautiful place that you don’t need to go really far to see what it can offer.


A beautiful chalet in a forest offered us a safe shelter from -23 C outside. But just outside there was a real Canadian forest, mountains, wild animals. And crystal clear air. Amazing skies with no light pollution from the city make it possible to see million of stars at night.


Tiny stream flowing to a lake


When snow falls in the city, it just creates total mess all around, becomes dirty and mixed with salt and road chemicals. In a countryside, it is totally opposite. It paints everything white and creates amazing feeling of winter holidays that I love so much.

In the morning I made a walk through a forest  and have found all these animal trails
Small lake covered with ice and snow

Many of my friends will find me crazy, but I am falling in love with Canadian winter! You just need to have appropriate clothes and go outside of the city to truly experience it. It is a true winter wonderland.

Winter driving is very challenging, but it is so much fun if you like driving and know what you are doing



4 thoughts on “38. A Week In Woods

  1. OMG it’s gorgeous! Where do you work that you boss asks you questions like that? Do you need more employees? Some cute freelancer for example?))))))

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