55. Re-visiting US East Coast. New York City!

New York, New York… There is so much in this name. And in the city! I’ve met two types of people – those who love New York, and those who hate it. Which one am I? After my first visit, it was definitely love! After second visit – I am not so sure. But whatever people think about New York, they keep going there!  There is something magical about this city, some sort of magnetism that attracts people from all over the world.

My first visit to NYC was more to get acquainted with the city. There is so much interesting in the city, that I doubt even two weeks will be enough to see everyhting that I would like to. So for my second visit, I decided to concentrate on several key location I wanted to visit, so I  made a concrete plan. Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge.

It seems that New York does not want to show me its full glory. Both time I visited it, there were low clouds, fog and drizzle. We followed the same pattern as we did last time, taking a ferry from Staten Island.

Foggy New York

Right after arriving to Manhattan, I went to book a ferry tour to the Statue of Libery. Here the weather was my ally – the line was relly short and just after 5 minutes I boarded the Statue of Liberty V – one of several boats that take tourists to United States’ number one symbol.

A boat carrying tourists to the Statue of Liberty. Even on a bad day it is packed!

The boat tour includes audio guide for the Statue of Liberty that you get get on arrival. I started listening to it, but I found it too long and quite boring. So I toured the island myself. The energy of the place is overwhelming!  Millions of minds are concentrated on it dreaming the American Dream, and many millions more were doing the same throughout the history.

Next short hop to the Ellis Island and I am in a place that welcomed over 12 million immigrants to America between 1892 and 1954. Very interesting place indeed, but my memories of Immigration Museum in Halifax is still very fresh, so I was not super excited to visit it. Both places are very similar, in design and in spirit, just one was a gateway to Canada, and the other to the United States. But it is really worth-visiting, especially if your ancestors came to the USA via New York – you might be able to find their files in computer!

Old photograph showing newly arrived immigrants
Main hall of the immigration facility.
Immigrant ships
This exposition shows some clothes of immigrants. I was happy to see Ukrainian vyshivanka in the middle
Another trace of Ukraine. Healing of Ukrainian newspaper in New Jersey dated 1918.
New York seen from Ellis Island

Back to New York,  I made a random walk through the Lower Manhattan. I wanted to try to feel the city, understand what is its sound, what it smells like… And it smells like garbade! The annoying sticky smell of rotten garbage. I did not notice it in winter, but New York is very dirty city. After New York, Montreal feels like a surgeon’s operating room. But of course I should not compare these two cities, New York is like 5 times bigger and it is one of the busiest places on Earth in terms of business and tourists.

NYC is not a rose garden
There is too much garbage

I walked the famous Broadway, then Wall Street, with countless tourists with cameras, stock brokers wandering around with their minds somewhere else, an hundreds of random people who can be anyone. Then through Little Italy and Chinatown to the Brooklyn Bridge.

You can see the most intertesting things in New York if you look up
Wall Street is crazy
Countless  towers and construction


Don’t believe movies that show someone walking alone on Brooklyn Bridge! It is very untrue! It is crowded like a toy story before Christmas! But I really liked it.  133-years old marvel of engineering spans almost 2 km over the East River, offering great views of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Must-visit place in NYC.

The least crowded moment of Brooklyn Bridge
Lower Manhattan seen from the bridge
Amazing stone structure

I also wanted to go to a newly opened observation deck at One World Trade Center, the main building of the rebuilt World Trade Center, and the tallest building in the Western hemisphere. But it is quite expensive ($37), and the top of the building was in dense fog, so I doubt I would have seen much.

The tallest building in America is up in the clouds

So I spent waht was left of my visit walking the streets of New York and admiring Hudson river.

Hudson River

Love it or hate it, but New York attracts people. I am glad that I had another chance to visit it, and I am looking forward for the next one! Good bye New York City, and see you later!

Good bye New York, see you again

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