57. (I’m a) Railroad Boy. Exporail museum in Montreal.

I really love trains. Big and powerful machines! Montreal is really great place for railfans – it has amazing railroad museum, the Exporail. Is it the biggest railroad museum in Canada with over 140 pieces of rolling stock! A great place to feel yourself a kid again, and discover more about railroad history and how it helped to shape Canada!

The collection is located in two big pavillons and also outside. But before seeing trains, I went to see museum’s incredible model railroad!

Details are amazing. I can only imagine how much work and love it takes to make it.
Model coal mine. Trains actually move, switches switch, semaphores switch from green to red.


If I have seen it when I was a kid, I would have stayed there to live!

Next, time for big trains!

This locomotive was built in 1971 by Montreal Locomotive Works, it has 4,000 horse power V18 diesel engine. It has been hauling coal for Canadian Pacific Railroad in British Columbia for most of its life.
F-series locomotives built in Canada in 1950s helped dieselisation of railroad. They were effective, comfortable and safe. This is the only example of this kind preserved in Canada.
You can get inside of some locomotives. Here is the engine room, with engine, turbocharger, air compressor and all original equipment. You can press a button and hear what the engine sounded like via speakers.
Since I was kid and had toy railroad, I was wondering what these cars are for? They are known as caboose, and were usually attached to the end of freight trains. It was used as mobile office by railroad employees and to monitor the air brake system.
The interior does not seem really comfortable.
Boxcars were workhorses or railroads hauling wide variety of cargoes before containerisation. Also they are beloved by train hoppers.
Goergeous the Dominion of Canada. Built in 1937 by London & North Eastern Railway, Doncaster Works in United Kindgom to serve high-speed route between London and Newcastle. The fastest locomotive of this type reached speed of over 202 km/h. It was brought to Canada in 1967 to celebrate Canadian Confederation’s 100th anniversary.
Isn’t it beautiful?
You can actually walk underneath the locomotive and have this unique angle, letting you see what its bottom looks like
CPR 144 was built in 1886 and it is the oldest Canadian-built locomotive in existence. It is identical to the locomotive that hauled the first transcontinental train from Montreal to Port Moody in British Columbia in 1886. This locomotive was in service for 73 years retiring in 1959!


Mail car inside
Old switch control board
A telegraph that was used by railroads.
A replica of 1840s-built steam locomotive
I am not really into steampunk, but these gauges…
Giant railroad slow plow
Many great locomotives are also outside. Many of them are still in full working order.
Old railroad station
Finally, for big kids and small kids, a railroad that you can ride on!

This is a really nice museum, for everyone who likes trains or just looking for something interesting to do on a weekend. Often there are special events on weekends, like rides on historic trains.

Exporail website: http://www.exporail.org/

Location: Google Maps


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