67. Letters to the future!

Hello dear reader,

I want to ask you something today. Do you often think about who you were a year ago? 5 years ago? 10? Would you like to get into your own brain and remember what were your dreams? What was important to you and what were your worries? Or maybe you go through some really interesting life experiences right now and want to remember this moment, want to feel it again in future? I can tell you how to do it!

Time machine was not invented yet (as far as I know), but it is kinda possible to travel in time, at least virtually. You can clearly communicate with yourself from the past, and yourself from the future. I am serious. It will be a one-way conversation however. And this method exists for thousands of years. It is called writing!

Once upon a time, maybe 10 years ago, I came across a very interesting internet project. The goal of was to allow people to write letters to themselves in future! It works like this:

  1. You write a letter to yourself, specify when you want to receive it.
  2. The website holds your letter for you, not letting anyone, even you, to read it.
  3. It sends email back to you with your letter at specified date!

Today I have received a letter that I wrote myself 5 years ago. I was so amazed to read and remember what my life was like back then, did I exceed my own expectations or not, how my life is different from what I was thinking about. It is a really great way to understand yourself better. It has really made my day today and inspired me to conquer new heights, to be proud of myself in 5 years!

I am not advertising any service here, I have no relation to it whatsoever. I just really love the idea, and I think that it affected my life in a very good way. I know that many people do it too, and everyone has his own way. Some people write real paper letters and hide them somewhere, others put in a bank safe box. As I am IT guy, I prefer Internet.

I am off, to write a letter to myself in 2021! You can think about it too, if you need some inspiration, you can read public letters at futureme’s website, or you can read Richard Branson’s letter to himself at 85 at his blog.

Hope it will bring you joy!

P.S. The title photo shows the iconic landmark of my home town, Odessa, the Vorontsov Lighthouse. I made this photo 5 years ago 🙂



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