68. Beautiful British Columbia: Port Moody and Buntzen Lake.

I am very impressed with beauty of nature in British Columbia. I could never think that spectacular views of mountains could be so abundant within big city; that so many lakes, waterfront parks and trails could be just a 20 minute drive from busy downtown with skyscrapers. I try to explore and discover more of it whe I have a slightest chance.

A few weekends back, the weather was amazing, warm and sunny, I had a few hours of free Sunday evening, so I again opened the map and started looking for interesting places to discover.

A city of Port Moody attracted my attention. It is a city where the first transcontinental train has arrived and it has a great waterfront park! Going there was an easy choice!

I decided to start my first visit with Rocky Point Park. It has a lot of interesting places, but the time was limited, so I have seen only waterfront, which impressed me a lot!





I have seen it many times on TV, but in real life trucks pulling boats out of the water is very impressive!

Next, I really wanted to drive up to the mountains, I was driving in totally random direction, having no destination or plan, taking turns whenever I felt to do so. And my intuition brought me to a beautiful Buntzen Lake. It seems like and amazing place for hiking, or just relaxing and enjoying the nature. I can’t want to be back!





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