70. Beautiful British Columbia: Amazing view of Mount Baker.

When I visited a community of Deep Cove last weekend, I decided to drive up the mt Seymour, and I had an amazing bonus to my trip!

First, there was amazing twisty mountain road. At one of the bends, it offers amazing view of Vancouver. The view is amazing by itself, but the best part of it is that the skyline is dominated by Mount Baker. A huge, 3,200 m snow peak, located across the border in the state of Washington. It is also an active volcano! I did not expect that it is locatedĀ  about 100 km away from Vancouver, it can be seen very clearly. British Columbia never stops amazing me!

This is Mount Baker, active volcano, peak is about 3,200 m above sea level. It is located over 100 km away from where I was shooting this photo!

When I finished my drive up the mt Seymour, I had a second bonus of the day – several young deers! I love seeing wild animals in their natural habitat!


How many deers can you see? There are more then you think!

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