74. Plane Spotting at YVR!

Vancouver International Airport (YVR) has recently been named the best airport in the world! It has handled over 20 million passengers in 2015 from all around the world, it has a very easy and convenient layout, decorated with beautiful aboriginal sculptures and  even has an aquarium! What an interesting place to visit!

I have not used it as a passenger yet, but last week I made a short visit, and on my way back I decided to spend an hour watching planes! I have already done some planespotting back in Montreal, and I liked it. So I decided to see what Vancouver Airport can offer to aviation fans! Here is what I have seen.

Airport interior on departures level. I still need to fly from it to be able to make good photographs
Flight Path Park is a designated airport-themed park for planespotting with free parking. It is located just at the end of a runway. Here you can experience planes flying over your head.
A globe in a middle showing some of the most attractive destinations that have direct flights from Vancouver.
The view is really not the most exciting…
Another planespotting location, near South Terminal that serves small regional flights
Free binoculars!
It is very close to plane parking area so it is very easy to see some interesting details of airport operation
This location is located on a side of a runway, so you get a perfect view of departing aircrafts with mountains in the background.
Cargo birds
The airport serves aircrafts of all sizes, from this small propeller plane leaving for Kelowna…
… to this huge Boeing 787 Dreamliner departing for Tokyo. YVR also has Airbus A-380, world’s biggest passenger plane flying to London.
This small aircraft has just arrived.
Looks like exensive business jet
KLM flight departing to Amsterdam.


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