The spring is coming closer and closer. And it means that hiking season is not that far away now! Just about the right time to start getting into shape and start getting a taste of beauties in Beautiful British Columbia.

Last weekend was nice and sunny, it would have been really stupid to miss the pleasant weather and stay home. Initially I wanted to go for some big hike, that I feel like I have not done for ages. But despite being sunny and warm in Vancouver, there is still lots of snow in mountains. Most of hiking trails are more suitable for snowshoers at the moment.

So I tried to choose the shortest trail with something interesting to see. It was the Brandywine Falls Provincial Park, which has a waterfall with same name.

It is located between Squamish and Whistler, on the Sea to Sky Highway. So I have seen this amazing road again, as a free bonus to visiting park.

This is a parking lot. There is no way to access it, so parking is on a road shoulder.
Nice wooden bridge over the Brandywinde Creek
All trails are covered in snow, but absolutely passable.


That is why I was going there! Water falls down 70 meters (230 ft) at this spectacular waterfall.
The creek keeps flowing at the bottom of a deep valley. There is actually unofficial summer trail that gets you there.
This is not all! You can continue down the trail for another 200m…
… to see this amazing scenery! Don’t miss it!

And as I promised, some bonus views from Sea to Sky Highway





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