90. Iona Beach Provincial Park (and a little plane spotting!)

What could be worse place to look for a provincial park then near a sewage treatment plant? But in Vancouver it is possible!

Iona Island is located near Vancouver International Airport (now it is no longer an island, actually) and it is known for having a sewage treatment plant. Despite that, it also has Iona Beach Provincial Park adjacent to wildlife animal refuge. The park has two jetties, the North Arm Jetty, that is, in essence, a sandbar, and Iona Jetty. The later goes almost 4 km into the sea, carrying a sewage discharge pipe. It also has two gravel trails, that is popular among cyclists and walkers. This is the place I wanted to explore.

The jetty is a quite popular place, it goes all the way to horizon
Views are fantastic


It just goes on and on
Low tide creates very interesting patterns


There is some sort of a building at the tip…
… and a viewpoint, offering this spectacular view!!!
You can actually look back and see container cranes at Roberts Banks seaport

This is a great 8-km walk, on even ground and with amazing smell of the ocean and sound of waves.

Also, what is interesting, the jetty is located pretty close to the airport. Even more, it is located just under the plane approach path for landing!!! As a result, you can see huge planes flying literally just over your head! Check out these photos!

Be sure to take your lens with the longest focal length!
You would be able to see this…
… and this…
… and even this!!!
Huge Air Canada landing
West Jet 737.



Next time I will be meeting someone at the airport, I will just leave early to have a chance to go back and watch some planes!


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