93. Highways of the North. Introduction.

I finally had my long-awaited vacation. It is no surprise I decided to spend it exploring Canada in my favorite way – from the road.

I have been to the Eastern Canada, I have crossed Canada from East to West, I explored Western Canada. Now there was another part of Canada left, that has always attracted me, I have been dreaming about it for many years, I have always been interested to see myself what it is like. It is the North. The Great White North. But in summertime (this time).

Crossing into Yukon Territory

I decided to explore the north of our amazing country. But this time, I decided to do it in a totally different way from what I have always done. Up to now, I have always thoroughly planned my trips – I leave home in the morning, have lunch here, go visit this, then by this time I go and do this, I make it to my hotel before 8 pm and so on. As a result, there have always been a feeling of a hurry, a stress of following a plan and being worried if anything goes against my arrangements. It was not the case this time.

2017-06-16 15.28.55
Enjoying coffee in a middle of Yukon nowhere.

This time, it was a different trip. Easy Rider style. Just me, the car and the road. I knew where I wanted to go and what I wanted to see on my way. But no arrangements. No hotels booked, no plans for lunch or any other things to stick to. It is definitely a step out of comport zone. But the step towards freedom. I did not know where I would sleep or what I would eat for lunch. But on the other side, I was free to decide what I wanted to do each moment. I could stay at some spot that I liked for a whole day, or make a detour to see something interesting. Or I could just drive and drive and drive. No planned kilometers a day to make, no arrangements to stick to.

The beginning of the legendary Stewart-Cassiar Highway.

For some, it could bring more stress than pleasure. It could have been the same for me. But it wasn’t. First, as a wise man once said, “A true peace of mind comes from accepting the worst”. I accepted the fact, that I may have nowhere to sleep at night. But first, I had a good tent with me that I could put anywhere, second, as worst-case scenario, I could sleep in my car. The next big worry, food. For this, I was carrying two boxes of food that I could cook any time with a good camping gas stove. Two biggest problems solved!

Gravel section of Alaska Highway in Yukon.

So what is it that I have planned, or what I was aiming at, for this trip? I had several goals for this vacation. First, travel and enjoy some of the most famous scenic roads of Northern Canada, that attract people from all over the world, and do it with my new car. Second, try this new way of travel for me, with no plans and arrangements. Third, I wanted to see Dawson City, the epicenter of Klondike Gold Rush of early 1900s. And finally, I wanted to see how far north I can get. The limit was the Arctic Ocean.

Salmon Glacier at BC – Alaska border
Wild bear
Dawson City
Icefields Parkway in northern Alberta

So did my plan work out? Did I enjoy the new way of travel for me? What have I seen? Stay tuned for the next blog posts, I have lots of photos and videos to share, along with a great story!

Subaru and mountains in Yukon.

To be continued…


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