80. Holiday Canada Video: Sunset at Whytecliff Park

80. Holiday Canada Video: Sunset at Whytecliff Park

As you already know, I really enjoy observing nature, especially sunrises and sunsets. In my opinion, one of the best place to see it is on a shore. Last summer, I enjoyed a beautiful sunset in Maryland, on Cape May. On a Christmas Weekend I discovered a really nice place near Vancouver to enjoy a sunset. It is a beautiful small beach at Whytecliff Park, here is a time lapse video! Best seen fullscreen in HD.

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79. 2016: Books That I Read This Year

The year of 2016 is coming to and end, and it is time to look back and summarize events, feelings and experiences.

In addition to being crazy lover of travel, I am a book worm. I adore reading books, and I wish I had more time to read everything that I want. My “to read” list is long enough for several years. But this year have been quite productive in terms of good books.

Here is what I read this year:

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76. Snowy Vancouver

76. Snowy Vancouver

When I just moved to Vancouver, people told me that it never snows in Vancouver. Don’t believe it, it’s not true! Last week has been pretty snowy in Vancouver and today the snow was falling all day. The temperature is around zero celcius, so most pf it immediately melts. Anyway, white Vancouver seem to be quite uncommon. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!

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